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At the Northern Ohio Regional Cancer Center, we are committed to our patients and their families. We provide the best technology and service found in the industry. Our process involves tailoring each treatment plan to each patient, answering all questions, and being a credible resource following treatment. We offer a number of services that enable us to care for each patient with the most complete course of treatment possible:


Radiation Therapy: Radiation is a specific form of  energy that is carried by a stream of particles or waves. We get low levels of radiation from the sun, chest x-rays and mammograms. High levels of radiation stop cancer cells from growing and multiplying. There are two types of radiation therapy services: external beam (also called IMRT) and brachytherapy.


Hospice Services: Hospice services are available to patients in their homes through our network of hospice providers. These services include respite, pastoral, family support and other support services for the terminal patient.


Support Groups: Cancer patients and their families often find it helpful to join a support group to have an open forum to discuss their questions and concerns with people that understand first-hand what they are experiencing. The Northern Ohio Regional Cancer Center understands this need and places patients with groups in the area.


Social Services: We connect patients and their caregivers to licensed medical social workers who can assist with payment schedules and other issues or concerns.


Nutritional Services: The Center connects patients with registered dietitians who counsel patients on proper nutritional therapy and prescribe personalized eating plans.



Video: Dr. Prescott Reviews the Benefits of Radiation Therapy over Surgery in Prostate Cancer Patients

Dr. Jon Prescott


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